If you know the name of a particular workflow, as it is defined in the Orchestrator client, the Web service application can obtain this workflow using its name or part of its name.

Before you begin

You must have implemented Web service operations in your client application to find objects in the Orchestrator server.

About this task

The getWorkflowsWithName operation returns an array of workflows, so you can use it to match several workflows by using wildcards.


Create an array of Workflow objects by calling the getWorkflowsWithName operation.
Workflow[] workflows = 
       vsoWebControl.getWorkflowsWithName("Simple user interaction", 
              username, password);

The preceding code example calls the getWorkflowsWithName operation to obtain all workflows for which the name, or part of the name, is Simple user interaction.


You found workflows in the Orchestrator server that the Web service client can run on objects.

What to do next

Implement operations in the Web services client to run the workflows it finds.