With Virtual SAN workflows you can manage non-SSD disks and disk groups in Virtual SAN cluster

You can access the networking workflows from Library > vCenter > Storage > VSAN in the Workflows view of the Orchestrator client.

Add disks to a disk group

Adds a non-SSD disks to a Virtual SAN disk group

Claim disks into disk groups

Claims disks for use by the Virtual SAN system and automatically creates disk groups and/or distributes the disks into existing disk groups.

Create a disk group

Creates a new Virtual SAN disk group.

List hosts, disk groups and disks

Lists all hosts in a cluster, their disk groups and disks, used or eligible for use by the Virtual SAN system.

Remove disk groups

Removes Virtual SAN disk groups.

Remove disks from disk groups

Removes non-SSD disks from Virtual SAN disk groups.