To deploy the standard set of plug-ins when the Orchestrator server starts, the Orchestrator system must authenticate against an LDAP or vCenter Single Sign-On server. You first specify the administrative credentials that Orchestrator uses with the plug-ins, and enable or disable plug-ins.

About this task

If you change the Orchestrator database after configuring and installing the plug-ins, you must click the Reset current version link on the Troubleshooting tab. This operation deletes the install_directory\app-server\conf\plugins\_VSOPluginInstallationVersion.xml file, which contains information about the version of the plug-ins already installed, and forces plug-in reinstallation.


Set up an LDAP or vCenter Single Sign-On server and configure the Orchestrator authentication settings.


  1. Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.
  2. Click Plug-ins.
  3. Type the credentials for a user who is a member of the Orchestrator administrators group that you specified on the Authentication tab.

    When the Orchestrator server starts, the system uses these credentials to set up the plug-ins. The system checks the enabled plug-ins and performs any necessary internal installations such as package import, policy run, script launch, and so on.

  4. (Optional) To disable a plug-in, deselect the check box next to it.

    This action does not remove the plug-in file.

  5. Click Apply changes.


The first time the server starts, it installs the selected plug-ins.

What to do next

You can configure the settings for Mail and SSH plug-ins.