You can design blueprints that create OpenStack projects when consumed.


  • Verify that you have service architect user privileges to access the plug-in.
  • Verify that the OpenStack Keystone service is connected to an Active Directory server for automatic synchronization. This configuration automatically synchronizes user accounts in Keystone


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation tenant as a service architect.
  2. Select Design > XaaS > XaaS Blueprints.
  3. Click New.
  4. Select the workflow Orchestrator > Library > VMware Integrated OpenStack > Deploy an OpenStack project or Delete an OpenStack project, and click Next.
    The blueprint form appears.
  5. Complete the text boxes in the blueprint form.
    Keystone URL, Project name, Keystone domain name, User name, and Password parameters are mandatory for all blueprints. For the delete blueprint you only need the Project name parameter and the mandatory ones.
    Parameter Label Value Visibility to user
    keystone_url Keystone URL Provide the URL to the Keystone Public Service. False
    admin_username Admin Username Provide a valid Active Directory or LDAP user name with administrative permissions. False
    admin_password Admin Password Provide a valid password for the Active Directory or LDAP user name. False
    admin_project_name Admin Project Name Enter the name for the administrative OpenStack project name where the OpenStack instances will be provisioned. The default is admin. False
    keystone_domain_name Keystone Domain Name Specify the Keystone domain for OpenStack user authentication. Keystone is the OpenStack Identity Service component. The default domain name is default. False
    new_project_name New Project Name Specify the name of the new OpenStack project where the OpenStack instances will be provisioned. You can leave this value empty, which enables the catalog user to specify the name. True
    user_name Username The catalog user's OpenStack account name with the Active Directory or LDAP domain suffix omitted. True
    quotas quotas settings Configure the predefined quota keys and values for the new project.
    • nova_instances = 120
    • neutron_subnet = 130
    • cinder_snapshots = 140
    The quota key names use the servicename_quotaname format, where servicename is the name of the standard OpenStack service and quotaname is the name of the standard OpenStack service quota .
  6. Click Finish.
    The newly created blueprint appears in the list of XaaS blueprints.
  7. To publish the blueprint, select it from the list and click Publish.
    A blueprint becomes available for consumption only after you publish it.