You install and deploy the OpenStack plug-in through the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.


  1. Download the o11n-openstack-plugin.2.0.0-XXX.vmoapp file on your local file system from http://Your_OMS_server_IP/o11n-openstack-plugin/.
  2. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center as root.
    You can log in to either the vRealize Orchestrator embedded in your vRealize Automation server or the external vRealize Orchestrator connected to the vRealize Automation server.
  3. On the Control Center page, click Manage Plug-Ins.
    The Manage Plug-Ins page appears.
  4. In the Install Plug-In section, click Browse.
  5. Select the o11n-openstack-plugin.2.0.0-XXX.vmoapp file from the local file system.
  6. Click Install.
    The vRealize Orchestrator server installs the plug-in. After the plug-in is installed, the Manage Plug-Ins page refreshes and indicates that the installation was successful. The page also displays a message prompting you to restart the vRealize Orchestrator server.
  7. Click Startup Options to access controls to restart the vRealize Orchestrator server.
  8. (Optional) Navigate to the plug-in list and confirm that the OpenStack plug-in is included.

What to do next

You can now use the workflows provided by the OpenStack plug-in to design blueprints to create, deploy, and delete OpenStack projects, among other objectives.