VMware Technical Support routinely requests diagnostic information when you submit a support request. This diagnostic information contains product-specific logs and configuration files from the host on which the product runs.

You can download a zip bundle that includes the Orchestrator configuration files and log files from the Export Logs menu in Control Center.

Table 1. Orchestrator Log Files list

File Name





Provides scripting log messages of workflows and actions. Use the scripting.log file to isolate workflow runs and action runs from normal Orchestrator operations. This information is also included in the server.log file.



Provides information about all activities on the Orchestrator server. Analyze the server.log file when you debug Orchestrator or any application that runs on Orchestrator.



Contains runtime information about the server. The information is added to this log file once every 5 minutes.



This is the HTTP request log of the server.



This is the HTTP request log of the Control Center service.



The log file of the Control Center service.