You can configure Orchestrator to use a local repository, on which you have uploaded the upgrade archive.


  • Unmount all network file systems. For more information, see the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration documentation.

  • Take a snapshot of the Orchestrator virtual machine. For more information, see the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration documentation.

  • Make sure that the root partition of the Orchestrator Appliance has at least 3 GB of available free space. For more information on increasing the size of a disk partition, see KB 1004071:

  • If you use an external database, back up the database.

  • If you use the preconfigured in Orchestrator PostgreSQL database, back up the database by using the Export Database menu in Control Center.


  1. Prepare the local repository for upgrades.
    1. Install and configure a local Web server.
    2. Download the from the official VMware download site.
    3. Extract the .ZIP archive to the local repository.
  2. Go to the VAMI at https://orchestrator_server:5480 and log in as root.
  3. On the Update tab, click Settings.
  4. Select the radio button next to the Use Specified Repository option.
  5. Enter the URL address of the local repository by pointing to the Update_Repo directory.


  6. If the local repository requires authentication, enter user name and password.
  7. Click Save Settings.
  8. On the Status page, click Check Updates.

    The system checks for available updates.

  9. If any updates are available, click Install Updates.
  10. Accept the VMware End-User License Agreement to proceed with the upgrade.
  11. To complete the update, restart the Orchestrator Appliance.
  12. (Optional) : On the Update tab, verify that the latest version of the Orchestrator Appliance is successfully installed.


You have successfully upgraded the Orchestrator Appliance.

What to do next

Verify that Orchestrator is configured properly at the Validate Configuration page in Control Center.