To start the configuration process, you must access the Control Center.


  1. Access Control Center by going to https://your_orchestrator_server_IP_or_DNS_name:8281 in a Web browser and clicking Orchestrator Control Center or navigating directly to https://your_orchestrator_server_IP_or_DNS_name:8283/vco-controlcenter.
  2. Log in with the default user name and the password that you initially set up.
    • User name: root

      You cannot change the default user name.

    • Password: your_password


    The password for the root account of the Orchestrator Appliance expires after 365 days. You can increase the expiry time for an account by logging in to the Orchestrator Appliance as root, and running passwd -x number_of_days name_of_account. If you want to increase the Orchestrator Appliance root password to infinity, run passwd -x 99999 root.


You successfully logged in to Control Center.