You can run a workflow to update the configuration of a database that is in the plug-in's inventory.


  1. Log in to the Orchestrator client as an administrator.
  2. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.
  3. In the Workflows hierarchical list, select Library > SQL > Configuration and navigate to the Update a database workflow.
  4. Right-click the Update a database workflow and select Start workflow.
  5. Select a database that you want to update.
  6. In the Name text box, type the new name of the database.

    The database appears in the Inventory view with the name that you specify.

  7. Select the type of the database.
  8. In the Connection URL text box, type the new address of the database.
  9. Select the session mode that the plug-in uses to connect to the database.



    Shared Session

    The plug-in uses shared credentials to connect to the database. You must provide the database credentials for the shared session.

    Session Per User

    The Orchestrator client retrieves credentials from the user who is logged in.


    To use session per user mode, you must authenticate by using a user name only. You should not use domain\user or user@domain for authentication.

  10. Click Submit to run the workflow.