The Multi-Node plug-in mirrors all inventories of the connected vRealize Orchestrator servers in the Inventory view. You can use the Inventory view to add authorization elements or to run workflows on remote Orchestrator servers.

To display the workflows that are available for an inventory object, navigate to Tools > User preferences > Inventory and select the Use contextual menu in inventory check box. After the option is enabled, when you right-click an object in the Orchestrator inventory, all available workflows for the object are displayed.

The inventory for a single remote server consist of two major parts, system objects and plug-in objects. Both objects are wrappers of the remote objects into locally usable types:

System object

System objects are under a top-level group called System.They contain configurations, packages, workflows, actions, and related folders. Remote system objects have individual wrapper types.

Plug-in objects

Plug-in objects mirror the inventories of all plug-ins attached to the remote Orchestrator server. Remote plug-in objects are all wrapped into a single local type VCO:RemotePluginObject.