You can use this workflow to modify a load balancer application rule.

About this task

When selecting the application rule to modify, the fields/input parameters are not pre-populated with the existing values, as vRO does not support pre-population of composite type parameters and parameters with custom data.

Whatever values you enter in the modify workflow input parameters replace the existing values of the corresponding NSX entries. This behavior is consistent with the NSX REST API.


  1. Click the Workflows tab and then navigate to Library > NSX > Load balancer > Modify application rule.
  2. Click the green Start Workflow icon.
  3. Select the NSX Connection object (NSX endpoint). If not set, select the connection from the NSX inventory from the vRO inventory view.
  4. Select the NSX Edge object.
  5. Select the application rule to be modified.
  6. Enter the name of the application rule.
  7. Enter the ACL script to be pushed to the NSX Edge.
  8. Enter a description of the application rule.
  9. Click Submit.