You can use this workflow to add a monitor to the current set of service monitors.

About this task

A service monitor is created to define health check parameters for a particular type of network traffic. When you associate a service monitor with a pool, the pool members are monitored according to the service monitor parameters.


  1. Click the Workflows tab and then navigate to Library > NSX > Load balancer > Create monitor.
  2. Click the green Start Workflow icon.
  3. Select the NSX Connection object (NSX endpoint). If not set, select the connection from the NSX inventory from the vRO inventory view.
  4. Select the NSX Edge object.
  5. Enter the name of the monitor.
  6. Enter the type of monitor (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP).
  7. Enter the health check interval and health check timeout.
  8. Enter the maximum number of retries for the health check.
  9. Enter the monitor method and monitor URL.
  10. Enter the expected response string.
  11. Enter the URL encoded http POST data for the http(s) protocol.
  12. Enter the string to expect in the content for the http(s) protocol.
  13. Enter the advanced setting for the monitor to fill more customized parameters.
  14. Click Submit.