You can use this workflow to add an application profile to the current set of application profiles.

About this task

An application profile is created to define the behavior of a particular type of network traffic. After configuring a profile, you associate the profile with a virtual server. The virtual server then processes traffic according to the values specified in the profile. Using profiles enhances your control over managing network traffic and makes traffic management tasks easier and more efficient.


  1. Click the Workflows tab and then navigate to Library > NSX > Load balancer > Create application profile.
  2. Click the green Start Workflow icon.
  3. Select the NSX Connection object (NSX endpoint). If not set, select the connection from the NSX inventory from the vRO inventory view.
  4. Select the NSX Edge object.
  5. Enter the name of the application profile.
  6. Enter the type of the application profile.
  7. Choose whether to insert forwarded for.
  8. Select the persistence.
  9. Click Submit.