You can set the behavior for resuming a failed run for each custom workflow. The default workflows in the library use the default system setting for resuming a failed workflow run.

About this task

You can change the default system behavior by modifying a configuration file. See Set Custom Properties for Resuming Failed Workflow Runs.


Verify that you have permissions to edit the workflow.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Design.
  2. Click the Workflows view.
  3. Expand the workflows hierarchical list to navigate to the workflow for which you want to set the behavior.
  4. Right-click the workflow and select Edit.

    The workflow editor opens.

  5. On the General tab, select an option from the Resume from failed behavior drop-down menu.



    System default

    Follows the default behavior.


    If a workflow run fails, a pop-up window displays an option to resume the workflow run.


    If a workflow run fails, it cannot be resumed.

  6. Click Save and close.