You define exception bindings in the Schema tab in the workflow editor. Exception bindings define how elements process errors.

About this task

The following elements in the workflow return exceptions: startVM, vim3WaitTaskEnd, Send Email, and vim3WaitToolsStarted.


  1. On the Schema tab, click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the startVM action element.
  2. Click the Exception tab.
  3. Click the Not set button.
  4. Select errorCode from the proposed list.
  5. Repeat the preceding steps to set the exception binding to errorCode for both vim3WaitTaskEnd and vim3WaitToolsStarted.
  6. Click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the Send Email scriptable task element.
  7. Click the Exception tab.
  8. Click the Not set button.
  9. Select emailErrorCode from the proposed list.
  10. Click Save at the bottom of the workflow editor's Schema tab.


You have defined the exception binding for the elements that return exceptions.

What to do next

You must set the read and write properties on the attributes and parameters.