You can cancel the run of a workflow by using the Orchestrator REST API.


  1. Retrieve the definition of the workflow by making a GET request at the URL of the workflow's definition:
    GET https://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/workflows/{workflowID}/

    The workflow definition contains a link to the available execution objects of the workflow.

  2. Get the available workflow runs by making a GET request to the URL that holds the available execution objects for the workflow:
    GET https://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/workflows/{workflowID}/executions/
  3. From the list of the available workflow executions, select the one that you want to cancel and make a DELETE request at its URL:
    DELETE https://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/workflows/{workflowID}/executions/{executionID}/state