For security reasons, you can change the root password of the Orchestrator Appliance.

About this task


The password for the root account of the Orchestrator Appliance expires after 365 days. You can increase the expiry time for an account by logging in to the Orchestrator Appliance as root, and running passwd -x number_of_days name_of_account. If you want to increase the Orchestrator Appliance root password to infinity, run the passwd -x 99999 root command.


  • Download and deploy the Orchestrator Appliance.

  • Verify that the appliance is up and running.


  1. In a Web browser, go to https://orchestrator_appliance_ip:5480.
  2. Type the appliance user name and password.
  3. Click the Admin tab.
  4. In the Current administrator password text box, type the current root password.
  5. Type the new password in the New administrator password and Retype new administrator password text boxes.
  6. Click Change password.


You successfully changed the password of the root Linux user of the Orchestrator Appliance.