You can filter the Orchestrator server logs for a specific workflow run and collect diagnostic data about the workflow run.

About this task

The Orchestrator logs contain a lot of useful information which you can monitor in real time. When multiple instances of the same workflow are running at the same time, you can track the different workflow runs by filtering the diagnostic data about each run in the Orchestrator live log stream.


  1. Log in to Control Center as root.
  2. Click Live Log Stream.
  3. In the search bar, enter your search parameters.

    For example, you can filter the logs by a user name, workflow name, workflow ID, or a token ID.

  4. (Optional) Select Case sensitive and Filter (grep) to filter the search results further.

    By selecting Filter (grep) the live stream only shows the lines that match your search parameters.


The Orchestrator live log stream is filtered according to your search parameters.

What to do next

You can use third-party log analyzing tools, if you want to filter old logs, that are not accessible through the Live Log Stream page in Control Center.