With snapshot workflows, you can perform snapshot-related operations.

You can access the snapshot workflows from Library > vCenter > Virtual Machine management > Snapshot in the Workflows view of the Orchestrator client.

Workflow Name


Create a snapshot

Creates a snapshot.

Create snapshots of all virtual machines in a resource pool

Creates a snapshot of each virtual machine in a resource pool.

Remove all snapshots

Removes all existing snapshots without reverting to a previous snapshot.

Remove excess snapshots

Finds virtual machines with more than a given number of snapshots and optionally deletes the oldest snapshots. Sends the results by email.

Remove old snapshots

Gets all snapshots that are older than a given number of days and prompts the user to select which ones to delete.

Remove snapshots of a given size

Gets all snapshots that are larger than a given size and prompts the user to confirm deletion.

Revert to current snapshot

Reverts to the current snapshot.

Revert to snapshot and wait

Reverts to a specific snapshot. Does not delete the snapshot.