You expose an API from an external product to the Orchestrator platform by creating an Orchestrator plug-in. You can create a plug-in for any technology that exposes an API that you can map into JavaScript objects that Orchestrator can use.

Plug-ins map Java objects and methods to JavaScript objects that they add to the Orchestrator scripting API. If an external technology exposes a Java API, you can map the API directly to JavaScript for Orchestrator to use in workflows and actions.

You can create plug-ins for applications that expose an API in a language other than Java by using WSDL (Web service definition language), REST (Representational state transfer), or a messaging service to integrate the exposed API with Java objects. You then map the integrated Java objects to JavaScript for Orchestrator to use.

The plugged-in technology is independent from Orchestrator. You can create Orchestrator plug-ins for external products even if you only have access to binary code, for example in Java archives (JAR files), rather than source code.