When you write user interface (UI) strings for Orchestrator plug-ins and the related API documentation, follow the accepted rules of style and format.

General Recommendations

  • Use the official names for VMware products involved in the plug-in. For example, use the official names for the following products and VMware terminology.

    Correct Term

    Do Not Use

    vCenter Server

    VC or vCenter

    vCloud Director


  • End all workflow descriptions with a period. For example, Creates a new Organization. is a workflow description.

  • Use a text editor with a spell checker to write the descriptions and then move them to the plug-in.

  • Ensure that the name of the plug-in exactly matches the approved third-party product name that it is associated with.

Workflows and Actions

  • Write informative descriptions. One or two sentences are enough for most of the actions and workflows.

  • Higher-level workflows might include more extensive descriptions and comments.

  • Start descriptions with a verb, for example, Creates…. Do not use self-referential language like This workflow creates.

  • Put a period at the end of descriptions that are complete sentences.

  • Describe what a workflow or action does instead of how it is implemented.

  • Workflows and actions usually are included in folders and packages. Include a small description for these folders and packages as well. For example, a workflow folder can have a description similar to Set of workflows related to vApp Template management.

Parameters of Workflows and Actions

  • Start workflow and action descriptions with a descriptive noun phrase, for example, Name of. Do not use a phrase like It's the name of.

  • Do not put a period at the end of parameter and action descriptions. They are not complete sentences.

  • Input parameters of workflows must specify a label with appropriate names in the presentation view. In many cases, you can combine related inputs in a display group. For example, instead of having two inputs with the labels Name of the Organization and Full name of the Organization, you can create a display group with the label Organization and place the inputs Name and Full name in the Organization group.

  • For steps and display groups, add descriptions or comments that appear in the workflow presentation as well.

Plug-In API

  • The documentation of the API refers to all of the documentation in the vso.xml file and the Java source files.

  • For the vso.xml file, use the same rules for the descriptions of finder objects and scripting objects with their methods that you use for workflows and actions. Descriptions of object attributes and method parameters use the same rules as the workflow and action parameters.

  • Avoid special characters in the vso.xml file and include the descriptions inside a <![CDATA[insert your description here!]]> tag.

  • Use the standard Javadoc style for the Java source files.