You must apply the Basic HTTP Authentication scheme if Orchestrator is configured with LDAP, or if you use the Orchestrator server to access a third-party system that is configured with LDAP.

The Basic HTTP Authentication scheme allows you to authenticate against Orchestrator or a third-party system by including an Authorization header in the API calls that you make. You must provide base64-encoded credentials in the Authorization header. Orchestrator uses the same credentials to authenticate on your behalf against third-party systems that are configured with LDAP.

For details about the Basic HTTP Authentication, see RFC 2617.

Obtain a Session in LDAP Mode

The following example code obtains a session in LDAP mode.

URI uri = URI.create("https://orchestrator-server:8283/vco/api");
VcoSessionFactory sessionFactory = new DefaultVcoSessionFactory(uri);

//provide LDAP credentials
Authentication auth = new UsernamePasswordAuthentication("username", "password");

VcoSession session = sessionFactory.newSession(auth);
//use session here