You can upgrade an Orchestrator cluster to version 7.x by upgrading a single instance and joining nodes that are freshly installed on version 7.x.


  • Take a snapshot of all vRealize Orchestrator server nodes.

  • Back up the Orchestrator shared database.


  1. Stop the Orchestrator services vco-server, vco-configurator, and vco-proxy on all cluster nodes.
  2. Upgrade only one of the Orchestrator server instances in your cluster.
  3. Start the configuration service of the Orchestrator server that you upgraded and log in to Control Center as root.
  4. Go to the Validate Configuration page to check the state of the system components.
  5. Deploy a new Orchestrator appliance on the upgraded version.
  6. Configure the new node with the network settings of an existing instance.
  7. From the Orchestrator Cluster Management page in Control Center, join the new node to the upgraded node of your cluster.
  8. Restart the Orchestrator servers from the Startup Options page in Control Center to match the configuration fingerprints between the nodes.
  9. Verify that the vRealize Orchestrator cluster is configured properly by opening the Validate Configuration page in Control Center.
  10. (Optional) Repeat Step 5 to Step 9 for each node in the cluster.


You have successfully upgraded the Orchestrator cluster.