The Orchestrator Appliance is a preconfigured virtual machine optimized for running Orchestrator. The appliance is distributed with preinstalled software.

The Orchestrator Appliance package contains the following software:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Update 3 for VMware, 64-bit edition

  • PostgreSQL

  • Orchestrator

The default Orchestrator Appliance database configuration is production ready.

The default in-process LDAP configuration is suitable only for experimental and testing purposes. To use the Orchestrator Appliance in a production environment, you must set up a new directory service, and configure the Orchestrator server to work with it. You can also configure the Orchestrator server to authenticate through vRealize Automation, vSphere, or vCenter Single Sign-On. For more information about configuring external LDAP or Single Sign-On, see Selecting the Authentication Type.

For information about configuring a database for production environments, see Setting Up the Orchestrator Database.


LDAP authentication is deprecated and will not be supported in future versions.