From the Design perspective in the Orchestrator client, you can create and modify workflows and actions. You can also manage resources, configuration elements, and policy templates.




Provides access to the Orchestrator workflow library.

You can use the Workflows view to view information about each workflow, create, edit, and run workflows, as well as to interact with the workflows.


Provides access to the libraries of predefined actions.

You can use the Actions view to duplicate actions, export them to a file, or move them to a different module in the actions hierarchical list.


Provides access to the list of resource elements.

You can use the Resources view to import external objects such as images, sysprep files, HTML templates, XML templates, and custom scripts, and use them as resource elements in workflows.


Provides access to the available configuration elements.

You can use the Actions view to create configuration elements to define common attributes across an Orchestrator server.


Displays a list of the available packages and where a selected package is used.

You can use the Packages view to add, import, export, and synchronize packages.


Displays the objects of the plug-ins that are enabled in Orchestrator.

You can use the Inventory view to run workflows on an inventory object.