The <finder-datasource> element points to the Java class file of the IPluginAdaptor implementation that you create for the plug-in.

You set how Orchestrator accesses the objects of the plugged-in technology in the <finder-datasource> element. The <finder-datasource> element identifies the Java class of the plug-in adapter that you create. The plug-in adapter class instantiates the plug-in factory that you create. The plug-in factory defines the methods that find objects in the plugged-in technology. You can set timeouts in the <finder-datasource> element for the finder method calls that the factory performs. Different timeouts apply to the different finder methods from the IPluginFactory interface.

The <finder-datasource> element is optional. A plug-in can have an unlimited number of <finder-datasources> elements. The <finder-datasource> element has the following attributes.






Identifies the data source in the <finder> element datasource attributes. Equivalent to an XML id. Mandatory attribute.


Java class

Points to the IPluginAdaptor implementation you define to create the plug-in adapter, for example, com.vmware.plugins.sample.Adaptor. Mandatory attribute.


true (default) or false

Allows multiple users to access the adapter at the same time. You must set concurrent-call to false if the plug-in does not support concurrent calls. Optional attribute.


direct (default) or timeout

Sets a timeout on the finder function. If set to direct, calls to finder functions never time out. If set to timeout, the Orchestrator server applies the timeout period that corresponds to the finder method. Optional attribute.


never (default) or always

Passes or does not pass the user's username and password to the plug-in. Optional attribute.


Number; default 30 seconds

Applies to calls from findRelation(). Optional attribute.


Number; default 60 seconds

Applies to calls from findAll(). Optional attribute.


Number; default 60 seconds

Applies to calls from find(). Optional attribute.


Number; default 2 seconds

Applies to calls from findChildrenInRelation(). Optional attribute.


Number; default 30 seconds

Applies to calls from executePluginCommand(). Optional attribute.

Table 1. Element Hierarchy

Parent Element

Child Elements