You can add a basic switch activity to a workflow schema that defines the switch cases based on workflow attributes or parameters.

About this task

Every switch activity can have multiple switch cases. Every switch case is defined by a condition related to an attribute or a parameter. If the condition is fulfilled, the workflow run switches to a corresponding workflow element that you define. If none of the specified conditions are fulfilled, the workflow run switches to a default workflow element that you define.


Workflows that contain a Switch element are not compatible with Orchestrator 5.5.x or earlier.


Verify that the Schema tab of the workflow editor contains elements.


  1. Drag a Switch element to the appropriate element in the workflow schema.
  2. Click the Edit icon (Edit element) of the Switch element.
  3. In the Cases tab, add or delete switch cases.

    You can change the priority of switch cases.

  4. Define the condition for each switch case.
  5. Select the corresponding workflow element for each switch case.
  6. Select the default workflow element to switch to.
  7. Click Close.
  8. Click Save.


You defined the switch case conditions and workflow paths.