Configuration elements allow you to set common attributes across an Orchestrator server. All elements that are running in the server can call on the attributes you set in a configuration element. Creating configuration elements allows you to define common attributes once in the server, rather than individually in each element.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Design.
  2. Click the Configurations view.
  3. Right-click a folder in the hierarchical list of folders and select New folder to create a new folder.
  4. Provide a name for the folder and click Ok.
  5. Right-click the folder you created and select New element.
  6. Provide a name for the configuration element and click Ok.

    The configuration element editor opens.

  7. Increment the version number by clicking the version digits in the General tab and providing a version comment.
  8. Provide a description of the configuration element in the Description text box in the General tab.
  9. Click the Attributes tab.
  10. Click the Add attribute icon (Add an attribute) to create a new attribute.
  11. Click the attribute values under Name, Type, Value, and Description to set the attribute name, type, value, and description.
  12. Click the Permissions tab.
  13. Click the Add access rights icon (Add access rights) to grant permission to access this configuration element to a group of users.
  14. Search for a user group in the Filter text box and select the relevant user group from the proposed list.
  15. Check the appropriate check boxes to set the access rights for the selected user group.

    You can set the following permissions on the configuration element.




    Users can view the configuration element, but cannot view the schemas or scripting.


    Users can view the configuration element, including the schemas and scripting.


    Users can set permissions on the elements in the configuration element and have all other permissions.


    Users can run the elements in the configuration element.


    Users can edit the elements in the configuration element.

  16. Click Select.
  17. Click Save and close to exit the configuration element editor.


You defined a configuration element that sets common attributes across an Orchestrator server.

What to do next

You can use the configuration element to provide attributes to workflows or actions.