You can define whether parameters and attributes are read-only constants or writeable variables. You can also set limitations on the values that users can provide for input parameters.

About this task

Setting certain parameters to read-only allows other developers to adapt the workflow or to modify it without breaking the workflow's core function.


  1. Click the General tab at the top of the workflow editor.

    Under Attributes is a list of all the defined attributes, with check boxes next to each attribute. When you select these check boxes, you set attributes as read-only.

  2. Select the check boxes to make the following attributes read-only constants:
    • progress

    • pollRate

    • timeout

    • smtpHost

    • fromAddress

    • subject


You have defined which of the workflow's attributes are constants and which are variables.

What to do next

Set the parameter properties and place constraints on the possible values for that parameter.