You request input parameters from users during a workflow run by adding a User interaction schema element to the workflow. When a workflow encounters a User interaction element, it suspends its run and waits for the user to provide the data that it requires.


  • Create a workflow.

  • Open the workflow for editing in the workflow editor.

  • Add some elements to the workflow schema.


  1. Drag a User interaction element to the appropriate position in the workflow schema.
  2. Click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the User interaction element.
  3. Provide a name and a description for the user interaction in the Info tab and click Close.
  4. Click Save.


You added a user interaction element to a workflow. When the workflow reaches this element, it waits for information from the user before continuing its run.

What to do next

Set the attribute of the user interaction to limit permission to respond to the user interaction to a user or user group. See Set the User Interaction Attribute.