You can change the properties of an existing task by using the Orchestrator REST API.

About this task

You can only add new scheduling properties to a task or change the values of the already existing properties. If you want to replace the scheduling properties of a task, you must delete the task and create a new one.


Verify that you have imported the sample workflows package in Orchestrator. The package is included in the Orchestrator sample applications ZIP file that you can download from the Orchestrator documentation page.


  1. Make a GET request at the URL of the task that you want to modify:
    GET https://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/tasks/{task ID}/
  2. Check the properties of the task in the response body of the request.
  3. To modify the task, make a POST request at the URL of the task by providing the new properties of the task in a task-data element in the request body.


If the POST request is successful, the API reruns a status code 200 and the updated task in the response body.

Update the Send Hello Example Task

You can update the start and the end dates of a task. You can modify the example task that is introduced in Create a Task. You must make a POST request at the URL of the task by providing the new start and end dates in the request body:

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