Starting Orchestrator for the first time might require 5 -10 minutes because the server is installing the Orchestrator plug-ins content in the database tables.

Configuration changes in Control Center trigger an automated restart of the Orchestrator server service. On the Startup Options page in Control Center, you can start, stop, and restart the Orchestrator server service manually.

The Startup Options page shows the status of the vco-server service.




The Orchestrator server service initialized and runs correctly.


The Orchestrator server service is starting.


The Orchestrator server service is not running.

In a clustered environment, clicking the RESTART button on the Startup Options page restarts the Orchestrator server service only on the local node.


To verify which of the Orchestrator instances in the cluster you are accessing, navigate to the Orchestrator Cluster Management page in Control Center and see the Local Node check mark.

To restart the Orchestrator server service on all nodes in the cluster, you must log in to each node over SSH and run the service vco-server restart command.