Instead of upgrading your existing vRealize Orchestrator 7.0.x, 7.1 or 7.2 instances to 7.3, you can migrate its configuration to a different Orchestrator Appliance that is already installed on version 7.3.


  • Deploy and configure an Orchestrator node on the target version. See Configuring a Standalone Orchestrator Server.

  • Stop the source and target Orchestrator servers.

  • Back up the database of the source Orchestrator server, including the database schema.


    If you plan to use the source Orchestrator environment until the new one is fully configured, create a copy of the source database. Otherwise, you can configure the target Orchestrator to use the same database but in that case the source Orchestrator environment will no longer work because the database schema is upgraded to the version of the target Orchestrator.


  1. Export the configuration from the source Orchestrator instance.
    1. Log in to Control Center as an root or as an administrator, depending on the source version.
    2. On the Export/Import Configuration page, select the type of files you want to export.

      If you select Export plug-in configurations and the plug-in configurations contain encrypted properties, you must also select Export server configuration to successfully decrypt the data when importing.

    3. (Optional) Enter a password to protect the configuration file.

      Use the same password when you import the configuration later.

    4. Click Export.

    Orchestrator creates an file that is downloaded on your local machine. You can use this file to clone or to restore the system.

  2. Import the configuration to the target Orchestrator instance.
    1. Log in to Control Center as an administrator.
    2. Click Export/Import Configuration and navigate to the Migrate Configuration tab.
    3. Browse to and select the .ZIP file that you exported from your previous installation.
    4. Enter the password that you used when exporting the configuration.

      Leave blank if you did not export the configuration with a password.

    5. Click Import.
    6. Select the type of files you want to import.

      If the source and target Orchestrator servers are not configured to use the same external database, leave the Migrate database settings check box unselected to avoid upgrading the database schema to the newer version. Otherwise the source Orchestrator environment stops working.

      You must configure the database that the target Orchestrator will use before the migration.

    7. Click Finish Migration.

      A message states that the configuration is successfully imported. The Orchestrator server service of the target Orchestrator instance restarts automatically.

  3. On the Startup Options page, make sure that the Active Configuration Fingerprint and the Pending Configuration Fingerprint strings match.

    You might need to refresh the page several times until the two strings match.

  4. Verify that Orchestrator is configured properly at the Validate Configuration page in Control Center.


You successfully migrated an Orchestrator Appliance 7.x to vRealize Orchestrator 7.3.