The workflows in the Configuration package of the Dynamic Types plug-in let you create dynamic types, export and import type definitions from an XSD file, and define relations between the dynamic types you created.

You can access these workflows from Library > Dynamic Types > Configuration in the Workflows view of the Orchestrator client.

Workflow Name


Define Namespace

Defines a new namespace.

Define Relation

Defines a new relation between types.

Define Type

Defines a new type within a given namespace.

Export Configuration As Package

Exports a Dynamic Types definition configuration as a file-based configuration. The exported package can be used for importing to other servers.

Import Configuration From Package

Imports a file-based configuration to the plug-in configuration.

Import Type Definitions From XSD

Imports type definitions from an XSD file.

Remove Namespace

Removes a namespace.

Remove Relation

Removes a relation.

Remove Type

Removes a type.

Update Namespace

Updates a namespace.

Update Type

Updates a type.