You can create a custom workflow from a SOAP operation.

You can integrate custom-generated workflows into high-level workflows. For more information about workflow development, see the vRealize OrchestratorDeveloper's Guide.


  • Verify that you are logged in to the Orchestrator client as an administrator.

  • Verify that you have a connection to a SOAP host from the Inventory view.


  1. Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.
  2. In the workflows hierarchical list, expand Library > SOAP to navigate to the Generate a new workflow from a SOAP operation workflow.
  3. Right-click the Generate a new workflow from a SOAP operation workflow and select Start workflow.
  4. Select the SOAP operation from the list of available operations.
  5. In the Name text box, type the name of the workflow to generate.
  6. Select the workflow folder in which to generate the new workflow.

    You can select any existing folder from the workflow library.

  7. Click Submit to run the workflow.

What to do next

You can test the generated workflow.