You can use this workflow to apply a security group policy on a security group. A security policy is a collection of the following service configurations.

Service Description Applies to
Firewall rules Rules that define the traffic to be allowed to, from or within the security group. vNIC
Endpoint service Data Security or third party solution provider services such as anti-virus or vulnerability management services. virtual machines
Network introspection services Services that monitor your network, such as IPS. virtual machines


  1. Click the Workflows tab and then navigate to Library > NSX > NSX workflows > Apply security policy on security group.
  2. Click the green Start Workflow icon.
  3. Select the NSX Connection object (NSX endpoint). If not set, select the connection from the NSX inventory from the vRO inventory view.
  4. Enter the security group ID.
  5. Enter the security policy ID.
  6. Click Submit.