To form a cluster, you can configure a single Orchestrator instance to use vRealize Automation as an authentication provider and join other Orchestrator nodes to this instance.

An Orchestrator cluster consists of at least two Orchestrator server instances that share one database.



  1. Access the Control Center of the node you are about to add to the cluster to start the configuration wizard.
    1. Navigate to https://your_orchestrator_server_IP_or_DNS_name:8283/vco-controlcenter.
    2. Log in as root with the password you entered during the OVA deployment.
  2. Select the Clustered Orchestrator deployment type.
    By selecting this type, you join the node to an existing Orchestrator cluster.
  3. In the Hostname text box, enter the host name or IP address of the first Orchestrator server instance.
    Note: Use the local IP or host name of the Orchestrator instance, to which you are joining the cluster. Do not use the load balancer address.
  4. In the User name and Password text boxes, enter the root credentials of the first Orchestrator server instance.
  5. Click Join
    The Orchestrator instance clones the configuration of the node, to which it joins and restarts automatically.
    Note: The requests to the individual Orchestrator nodes in the cluster are managed by the load balancer server, so you can no longer access the Control Centers separately.


You have successfully configured a cluster of Orchestrator instances.

What to do next

Verify that the node is configured properly at the Validate Configuration page.
Note: Following the configuration of the cluster instance, the Orchestrator server restarts automatically after 2 minutes. Verifying the configuration immediately after process completion can return an invalid cluster status.