You can migrate the configuration of your existing Orchestrator server by using either the command-line migration tool or the export and import options in Control Center.

Note: The exported Orchestrator configuration does not include the following data that might affect the performance of the target Orchestrator instance.
  • Customized system settings, such as memory thresholds or an increased Java heap space.
  • Logging levels that are different from the default settings.
  • Syslog server configuration in the Logging Integration page in Control Center.
  • Custom system properties that you configure in the System Properties page in Control Center or apply directly to the file on the appliance.

Migration Tool

The Orchestrator migration tool bundles the configuration settings, plug-ins, plug-in configurations, certificates, and license information into an archive that you can import into vRealize Orchestrator 7.x.

You can use the following command-line options with the vro-migrate export command:

Option Description
password Set a password to protect the exported archive. If no password is provided the archive is not protected.
vroRootPath Specify the root path of the vRealize Orchestrator server.

Export and Import Configuration

By selecting different options from the Export Configuration page in Control Center, you can choose to export the server configuration with or without the plug-ins and their corresponding configurations. To import an exported Orchestrator configuration to another Orchestrator instance, you must choose the import type.

Import Type Description
Embedded The target Orchestrator instance is embedded in vRealize Automation.
External The target instance is an external vRealize Orchestrator server running on the same or on a later version than the source Orchestrator.
Replica Clones the sources Orchestrator instance. The source and the target Orchestrator servers must be on the same version.