The Monitoring client is an easy-to-use web-based user interface, with which you can get additional and more organized data on your workflow runs, library elements, user interactions, and more. By using the Orchestrator client you can import packages, run and schedule workflows, and manage user permissions.

With the Monitoring client, you can monitor the current state of all your workflow runs and troubleshoot them if needed. You can also view the details of your actions, imported packages, configurations, resources, and tags.

The Monitoring client has a search feature, which helps you find content easier by using tags. You can combine more than one definition to narrow your search results.

  • Dashboard: Use the dashboard to access quickly statistics about your workflow runs. Get information and quick access to recent and failed workflow runs, favorite workflows, user interactions, and ratio between running, waiting, and failed workflow runs.
  • Library: Browse a catalog of all your workflows. To see the workflow schema and general details, click Details on a specific workflow. Use custom search terms and tags to narrow your results.
  • Workflow runs: The Runs tab gives you a detailed status on all your workflow runs. To see the workflow schema, variables, logs, and error messages, click a specific run.
  • Actions: Browse the actions your workflows use. To see its script and general details, click Details on a specific action.
  • Packages: Browse the packages imported to your Orchestrator. To see the workflows, policy templates, actions, configurations, and resources of which it is composed, click Details on a specific package.
  • Configurations: Browse the configurations and their assigned attributes.
  • Resources: Browse the resources used by your workflows.
  • Tags: Click a tag to see all the items that are marked with it.