You create the layout or presentation of the input parameters dialog box in the workflow editor. The input parameters dialog box opens when users run a workflow that needs input parameters to run.


  1. Click the Presentation tab in the workflow editor.
  2. Right-click the Presentation node in the presentation hierarchical list and select Create display group.

    A New step node and a New group sub-node appear under the Presentation node.

  3. Right-click New step and select Delete.

    Because this workflow has only two parameters, you do not need multiple layers of display sections in the input parameters dialog box.

  4. Double-click New group to edit the group name and press Enter.

    For example, name the display group Virtual Machine.

    The text you enter here appears as a heading in the input parameter dialog box when users start the workflow.

  5. In the Description text box of the General tab at the bottom of the Presentation tab, provide a description for the new display group.

    For example, type Select the virtual machine to start.

    The text you type here appears as a prompt in the input parameter dialog box when users start the workflow.

  6. Drag the (VC:VirtualMachine)vm parameter under the Virtual Machine display group.

    In the input parameters dialog box, a text box in which the user types the virtual machine name will appear under a Virtual Machine heading.

  7. Repeat the preceding steps to create a display group for the toAddress parameter, setting the following properties:
    1. Create a display group and name it Recipient's Email Address.
    2. Add a description for the display group, for example, Enter the email address of the person to notify when this virtual machine is powered-on.
    3. Drag the toAddress parameter under the Recipient's Email Address display group.


You have set up the layout of the input parameters dialog box that appears when users run the workflow.

What to do next

You have completed the development of the simple workflow example. You can now validate and run the workflow.