You can migrate your existing Orchestrator configuration to new Orchestrator environment.

Starting with vRealize Orchestrator 7.5, you can no longer upgrade your Orchestrator environments. To move Orchestrator environments to the latest version, you must migrate them.

The vRealize Orchestrator migration transfers an external source Orchestrator configuration to your current Orchestrator environment, overwriting all existing elements such as workflows, actions, configuration and resource elements, packages, tasks, policices, certificates, plug-ins and others.


The migrated Orchestrator configuration does not include the following data that might affect the target Orchestrator performance and usage.

  • Customized system settings, such as memory thresholds or an increased Java heap space.

  • Logging levels that are different from the default settings.

  • Syslog server configuration in the Logging Integration page in Control Center.

  • Custom system properties that you configure in the System Properties page in Control Center or apply directly to the file on the appliance.

  • Workflow execution logs.

  • Dynamic types plug-in configurations.