You set levels of permission on a workflow to limit the access that user groups can have to that workflow.

You can select the users and user groups for which to set permissions from the Orchestrator LDAP server.


  • Create a workflow.
  • Open the workflow for editing in the workflow editor.
  • Add some elements to the workflow schema.


  1. Click the Permissions tab.
  2. Click the Add access rights icon (Add access rights) to define permissions for a new user group.
  3. Search for a user group.
    The search results contain all the user groups from the Orchestrator LDAP server that match the search.
  4. Select a user group and select the appropriate check boxes to set the level of permissions for this user group.
    To allow a user from this user group to view the workflow, inspect the schema and scripting, run and edit the workflow, and change the permissions, you must select all check boxes.
  5. Click Select.
    The user group appears in the permissions list.
  6. Click Save and close to exit the editor.