Orchestrator provides a standard library of workflows that you can use to automate operations in the virtual infrastructure. The workflows in the standard library are locked in the read-only state.

To edit a workflow from the standard library, you must create a duplicate of that workflow. You can edit duplicate workflows or custom workflows.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Design.
  2. Click the Workflows view.
  3. (Optional) Right-click the root of the hierarchical list of workflow folders and select New folder to create a folder to contain the workflow to edit.
  4. Expand the Library hierarchical list of standard workflows to navigate to the workflow to edit.
  5. Right-click the workflow to edit.
    The Edit option is dimmed. The workflow is read-only.
  6. Right-click the workflow and select Duplicate workflow.
  7. Provide a name for the duplicate workflow.
    By default, Orchestrator names the duplicate workflow Copy of workflow_name.
  8. Click the Workflow folder value to search for a folder in which to save the duplicate workflow.
    Select the folder you created in Step 3. If you did not create a folder, select a folder that is not in the library of standard workflows.
  9. Click Yes or No to copy the workflow version history to the duplicate.
    Option Description
    Yes The version history of the original workflow is replicated in the duplicate.
    No The version of the duplicate reverts to 0.0.0.
  10. Click Duplicate to duplicate the workflow.
  11. Right-click the duplicate workflow and select Edit.
    The workflow editor opens. You can edit the duplicate workflow.


You duplicated a workflow from the standard library. You can edit the duplicate workflow.