You specify the information that users must provide during a workflow run as the input parameters of a user interaction.

When a workflow reaches a user interaction element, it waits until a user provides the information that the user interaction requires as its input parameters.


  • Add a user interaction element to the workflow schema.
  • Set the attribute for the user interaction.
  • Set the attribute for the user interaction


  1. Click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the User Interaction element in the workflow schema.
  2. Click the External inputs tab.
  3. Click the Bind to workflow parameter/attribute icon (Bind to a workflow parameter or attribute) to define the parameters that the user must provide in the user interaction.
  4. (Optional) If you already defined the input parameters in the workflow, select the parameters from the proposed list.
  5. Click Create parameter/attribute in workflow to create a workflow attribute to bind to the input parameter that the user provides.
  6. Give the parameter an appropriate name.
  7. Select the input parameter type from the list of types by searching for an object type in the Filter box.
    For example, if the user interaction requires the user to provide a virtual machine as an input parameter, select VC:VirtualMachine.
  8. Select Create workflow ATTRIBUTE with the same name to bind the input parameter that the user provides to a new attribute in the workflow.
  9. Leave the input parameter value set to Not set.
    The user provides this value when they respond to the user interaction during the workflow run.
  10. Click OK to close the Parameter information dialog box.


You defined the input parameters that the user provides during a user interaction.

What to do next

Define the exception behavior if the user interaction encounters an error. See Define User Interaction Exception Behavior.