When you create the presentation of a workflow, you should apply certain structure and rules.

Use the following properties for the workflow inputs in the workflow presentation.

Table 1. Properties for Workflow Inputs
Properties Usage
Show in Inventory Use this property to help the user to run a workflow from the inventory view.
Specify a root object to be shown in the chooser Use this property to help the user to select inputs. If the root object can be refreshed in the presentation, is an attribute, or is retrieved by an object method, you need to create or set an appropriate action to refresh the object in the presentation.
Maximum string length Use this property for long strings such as names, descriptions, file paths, and so on.
Minimum string length Use this property to avoid empty strings from the testing tools.
Custom validation Implement non-simple validations with actions.

Organize the inputs with steps and display group. Such organization helps the user identify and distinguish all the input parameters of a workflow.