You can use a set of predefined Maven archetypes as templates for developing Orchestrator plug-ins.

The following table describes the default Maven archetypes available in Orchestrator.

Table 1. Default Maven Archetypes
Archetype Description
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-plugin-archetype-simple com.vmware.o11n:o11n-plugin-archetype-simple
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-package-archetype A content-only Maven project, which can be used to keep packages in source form for better interaction with RCS, diff, post-processing, and so on.
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-client-archetype-rest A simple command-line tool, which communicates with the Orchestrator REST API and calls a workflow.
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-plugin-archetype-inventory A plug-in that demonstrates inventory use. The plug-in implements a repository, an adapter, and a factory for a single type. The inventory is stored in a file on a disk.
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-archetype-inventory-annotation A plug-in whose vso.xml descriptor is generated on top of annotations.
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-archetype-spring A plug-in that uses Spring-based SDK, provides a DI-enabled environment, and adds higher-level services in comparison to standard plug-in APIs.
com.vmware.o11n:o11n-plugin-archetype-modeldriven An archetype that generates a plug-in skeleton for building plug-ins with ModelDriven.