When you create an action, you must use basic guidelines.

  • Every action must include a description of its role and function.
  • Write short, elementary actions and combine them in a workflow.
  • Avoid writing actions that perform multiple functions, because this limits the potential for reusing the action.
  • Avoid actions that run for long periods of time. Instead, create a loop in the workflow and include a Waiting Event or Waiting Timer element after the action element.
  • Do not write check points in actions. Workflows set a check point at the start and end of each element's run.
  • Avoid writing loops in an action. Create loops in the workflow instead. If the server restarts, a running workflow resumes at its last check point, at the start of an element. If you write a loop inside an action and the server restarts while the workflow is running that action, the workflow resumes at the check point at the beginning of that action, and the loop starts again from the beginning.