The PluginWatcher class watches a trigger module for a defined event in the plugged-in technology on behalf of a long-running workflow Wait Event element.

The PluginWatcher class defines a constructor that you can use to create plug-in watcher instances. The PluginWatcher class defines methods to obtain or set the name of the workflow trigger to watch and a timeout period.

public class PluginWatcher
extends java.lang.Object

The PluginWatcher class defines the following methods:

Method Returns Description
getId() java.lang.String Obtains the ID of the trigger
getModuleName() java.lang.String Obtains the trigger module name
getTimeoutDate() Long Obtains the trigger timeout date
getTrigger() Void Obtains a trigger
setId(java.lang.String id) Void Sets the ID of the trigger
setTimeoutDate() Void Sets the trigger timeout date


PluginWatcher(PluginTrigger trigger)