You bind a workflow's elements together in the Schema tab of the workflow editor. Decision bindings define how decision elements compare the input parameters received to the decision statement, and generate output parameters according to whether the input parameters match the decision statement.


Complete the following tasks.


  1. On the Schema tab, click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the VM Powered On? decision element.
  2. On the Decision tab, click the Not set (NULL) button and select vm as the decision element's input parameter from the list of proposed parameters.
  3. Select the Power State equals statement from the list of decision statements proposed in the drop-down menu.
    A Not set button appears in the value text box, which presents you with a limited choice of possible values.
  4. Select poweredOn.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the workflow editor's Schema tab.


You have defined the true or false statement against which the decision element will compare the value of the input parameter it receives.

What to do next

You must define the bindings for the other elements in the workflow.