In this phase of workflow development, you define the input parameters that the workflow requires to run. For the example workflow, you need an input parameter for the virtual machine to power on, and a parameter for the email address of the person to inform about the result of the operation. When users run the workflow, they will be required to specify the virtual machine to power on and an email address.


Complete the following tasks.


  1. Click the Inputs tab in the workflow editor.
  2. Right-click within the Inputs tab and select Add Parameter.
    A parameter named arg_in_0 appears in the Inputs tab.
  3. Click arg_in_0.
  4. Type the name vm in the Choose Attribute Name dialog box and click OK.
  5. Click the Type text box and type vc:virtualm in the search text box in the parameter type dialog box.
  6. Select VC:VirtualMachine from the proposed list of parameter types and click Accept.
  7. Add a description of the parameter in the Description text box.
    For example, type The virtual machine to power on.
  8. Repeat Step 2 through Step 7 to create a second input parameter, with the following values.
    • Name: toAddress
    • Type: String
    • Description: The email address to send the result of this workflow to
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the Inputs tab.


You defined the workflow's input parameters.

What to do next

Define the bindings between the element parameters.